Dave and Pam Dumas
481 1st St.
Manistee, MI 49660


This is our 8 step process:

  1. Clean the suface thoroughly
  2. Repair chips, cracks and imperfections
  3. Tape off adjoining surfaces to protect from overspray
  4. Wipe down surface with our special cleaner
  5. Remove dust with tack cloth
  6. Spray on base coat
  7. Spray on Multistone (Usually for countertops and tile)
  8. Spray on clear coat (Available in gloss or satin)

This is just a small sampling of what we can do. If you've got an idea then we have a solution. Call us @ 231-510-0601

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Tub BeforeTub After

tile beforetile after

counter beforecounter after

sink beforesink after

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